Our Story


Have you ever tried to tell your story in a short paragraph for your website? This is no easy task. Where do we start? What do you want to know about us? I’m Tina, the mama, and this is my daughter Cassie and we live in Anchorage, Alaska.

The start of this business for me was reaching the point where my nest was getting empty, my body was healing from a serious illness and I needed to focus my attention on something meaningful. I love flowers. I love how they make me feel, how they make me happy when I’m not. I remember my own wedding day, my nerves were getting the best of me and I went to the church to see what I could do to get things ready. While I was there the flowers arrived, instantly all of the nerves melted away and I was excited for the day. I was fortunate to be trained by an experienced florist way back when my kids were little, but then the business of mom life led me in a different direction, although I’d do weddings for friends and other events, any chance I got. Best of all, I got to do the flowers for Cassie’s wedding. So, when I was questioning what to do with my life it was obvious to everyone but me. “Flowers, of course!” was the resounding answer. And my flower business took off like wild fire!

A few months later the opportunity to acquire a large inventory of vintage furniture and decor came available. I called Cassie, who had mentioned wedding rentals as one of her aspirations and said, “What do you think?” She said, “I think you’re crazy, but lets go for it!” Wild Poppy was born!

Wild Poppy is a full-service florist specializing in weddings, events, as well as daily deliveries. We rent a magical array of vintage and other finds for weddings, photo shoots, parties and events. We offer in home flower parties and tea parties with our vintage china, as well as curated photo shoots and styling. We will design and set up a beautiful set for your styled photo shoot, wedding, or event. We can set up a lounge area complete with an antique side board as the bar. Keep your eye open for our own hosted photo shoots for Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

We are passionate about excellent customer service. We want working with us to be the best possible experience and so far the feedback we get supports that we are succeeding. We love our local and small business community in Anchorage and the surrounding area; we love to collaborate with and support other businesses and organizations in anyway we can. This has led to being involved in a high school play, hosting tea parties, donating to local causes and individuals, flower pop up shops, and organizing retreats.